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If the questions and answers below don't answer your question well enough, please email us at to have us better address your question or concern.

Q: How often does FTM release?
A: FTM Magazine releases quarterly by season; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Q: How many issues does my subscription include?
A: Your subscription will include four issues, but does not include the current issue, that must be purchased separately. This means that without the purchase of a current issue, your subscription may take up to three months to come in, as you're getting the next season to come. 

Q: Is FTM appropriate for a younger audience?
A: We like to say our content is PG. We have a number of parents of younger guys in the 8-14 year age group that subscribe, but read through the issue before handing it off. FTM is also marketed toward LGBT resource centers, and healthcare offices and lobbies, so the content is made for a wide and general audience. We do offer a once-a-year special issue called NSFW (not safe for work) where we include sexual content, this is not included in a one year subscription.

Q: How discrete is the shipping?
A: All of our magazines are packaged to allow for stealth shipping and are labeled with the return address "FM SHIPPING" - Individual items sold in the store my come through as "FTM MAGAZINE" if bought through PayPal. 

Q: How do I change my Address on my subscription if I move?
A: You can change your address with us anytime by emailing with your email address and last name on the order, your previous city and state, and your complete new address to change our files to.

Q: Can I use my name for shipping instead of my legal name? And how do I change that on my order?
A: When you give us your shipping information, it can be different than the billing info. Whatever name you'd like the package shipped to, use as the name in the shipping option.

Q: When can I expect my first issue?
A: Like stated above, our magazine releases quarterly by season. This puts them all releasing around the 15th of January, April, July, and October.